We Serve:  Clothing Cupboard & Heifer Project

Our Clothing Cupboard will RE-OPEN

SATURDAY, APRIL 10 from 10:00 am to NOON


The Clothing Cupboard is the little red building to the left of the Church.
Notice the gray, steel container next to the building.  That's where donations go.

Clothing cupboard is open twice a month, normally, the 2nd and 4th Sat. each month from 10 - noon. 

   The exceptions are in bad weather, icy conditions at the church or on an occasional holiday. 

    We usually limit the amount of clothes removed on any single visit, by any single visitor to 20 items. The exceptions to this are in an emergency situation when prior arrangements have been made by the pastor, fire dept., police dept. or on Middleboro Helping Middleboro where one of our church helpers are listed under the clothing cupboard as a contact person. 

    We are a small building so we ask that if dropping donations of clothes off when we are not open, please put them in the steel bin beside the cupboard (to the left when facing the cupboard) and that if it is full, save for another time or place in another collection box. We also respectfully ask that no items other than clothing be dropped off as space is too limited for much else. Shoes and boots are considered as clothes and to be treated as such. 

     If there are five or more in your family, please consider bringing them with you as each person will be given a bag by the staff and each person present will be able to take the 20 pieces during any one visit. 

     During open hours of the cupboard, the building is heated in the cool or cold months and we have fans and AC on during the warmer or hot months. 

    Because of this, or when a visitor wishes to exceed the limit of 20 pieces at a time, folks are allowed to make a donation towards the utilities or to donate 25 cents apiece over the 20 pieces. Please know that this is one of our missions of our church. There is not any charge for clothing up to 20 items at any time and any donations made are strictly on a voluntary basis.

Got QUESTIONS?  Email us using the form in CONTACT US
or call Jo at 774-406-6460.



---------------------------Heifer Project---------------------------

Our church loves the Heifer Project because it helps hungry people to help themselves and their neighbors.  We collect donations all year (and especially at Christmas time).  This year we are able to make “Triple Purchases.”  Our gift to Heifer International will be matched so that our giving will be tripled.  For example…   we are giving one water buffalo, but with the MATCHING GIFT, we are giving three water buffalos.  Here is a list of what we are giving.  Remember, each gift will be matched so that it becomes a triple gift.

$170 Gardener's Gift Basket features tree seedlings, rabbits, chickens and a hive of bees as part of an integrated farming approach. Training consists of animal care, fertilization and growing techniques.  Gardener's Gift Basket helps build sustainable farms.

$1,000 THE GIFT OF A MILK MENAGERIE provides families with a variety of milk-producing animals including: two goats, a water buffalo and a quality-bred heifer. Families will also receive training on the animals' care.

$20 FLOCK OF GEESE PROVIDES NUTRITION AND SECURITY  A flock of geese provides much needed nutrition for hungry children and manure for gardens.  Geese multiply quickly.  The chicks are passed on to neighbors to start their own flocks.

$30 SHARE OF A SCHOOL OF FISH: BETTER HEALTH, MORE WEALTH  The old saying goes, "Teach a person to fish and she will eat for a lifetime."  Families with this gift see an increase in both health (thanks to the protein) and income (since fish are easy to sell). And when farmers Pass on the Gift of fingerlings to others in their community, the impact goes even further.

$750 WATER FOR LIFE – A SOLAR POWERED WELL  Clean water is rare in many parts of the world. Families travel long distances to haul water back home. This chore is typically left to the woman and young girls, which keeps them from going to school. Often the only water they can find is unsafe and unsanitary. Now Heifer International is changing all that by building solar-powered wells that bring clean, life-sustaining water right to families’ own backyards.